Privacy Statement

Privacy statement for the users of International Student Coordination Application and Research Center website has been defined as the following:

Access/visit information and login information are recorded of users accessing the corporate content presented on the ISC website, sending e-mail or message through newsletters and using the website by signing up to the online service fields. ISC uses such basic information gathered during use of its official website, not for monitoring of internet activities of its users but only for monitoring and developing website traffic.

ISC may use access information of visitors in different ways and/or extent its record logs, without announcing it in the confidentiality notification, for new and unexpected usages that may arise from time to time. However all new elements of the application and changes reflected in the publication policy are added to the notification on this page in the subsequent period. You may reach the International Student Coordination Center (ISC) through the e-mail or through the phone number +90 (322) 338 7289.